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drunkenness (what else>!() [18 Apr 2007|12:29am]

[ mood | drunk ]

I'm totally trashed!!!!!

Just thought everyone shoudl know!!! Although, I'm sad that there's ono where to go now.. Just ogt badk crfrom the bar, and I dont know anyon ewho is having a prty..... Saddness........

Hehe... night!

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Its been so long... [12 Apr 2007|11:24pm]

[ mood | drunk ]

I can trty to promise to not to dbackspace, but since its been so long, i cant guarantee anything. an there is a cat who is digging her claws int o my lag. itkinda hutrts.

haha - i'm trashed, aparenly. I've also aparently lovem lot lost my ability to judge how far gone i am. if i hadnt tried walking, talkin, and typing inthe bpast 20 minutes, i wouldve isaid i want wasnt drunk to anyone who asked. apaerently i would have been VERY wrong. 

i went with chrissy and bree - two of my new roomates - over to a friend of their's house to he eat dinner and han gout . aparnetly one of the guy s is a wino too, and we brought tow gboottles of wine, and drank all but a 1/34 of one (1.4 - 1/4). I drank most o f it. SHIT! I'm so drunk!!

one of the guys was super amazingly cure. cute. and he knows his wine, and he cooks.. amsaizing. But, bree has already claimed him. Sadness. And, according to chrissy, i'm bthird in line :)- L:(. This backspacing thing sucks.

I was trying my hardes tt o not hig tt on this guy. Hard as lhell, lettmie tell you., AWell, aperatnly (hah) i cant, cause I cant type.

Andthe n fred told me that he doesnt wanna hve sex with me anymore (actually, i made himtell me afte bringing it u'o), ca and cause he doesnt wanna be a MAN WHORE. WTSF!?!?!?! But, whatever. He wuiquit ansering my wtexts. 

Hah, I should prloly give up ton this now bevofore i totally embarras my self (too late, hunh), and give away toomuch personal ifnot . I'd prolly call hfred but bree istalkin to chrsissy on my hphnone, so i cant, and thats prolly a good thing.

SHIT, I cant type!!! Guess thats all for me. 


OI have the munchies...........

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"i hate you so, and I love you so" [20 Jan 2007|03:10am]

[ mood | depressed ]

So, I'm kinda quite drunk. 

And, tonight, someone who was also quite drunk, told me things that they should'nt have. things that, if Iwas sober, I would have loved to hear... even though , if I was sober, I shold ignore. 

And, I really hate the fact that he said those things... and the fact that he likely said the sexact same things to another girl. 

I think that I at least figured out that he didnt lite - lie - to me today. Which is a good thing. But, still... he told me things that I dont think he would have said if he was sober. 

Part of me wants to believe that they're true.. just ebecause he said them wihile drunk... but, then part of me know s that they're no ttrue becauseI he's drunk. 

Boys are horrible. They cause too many problems.

Aiside from that -0 him  - I had a goo dnight. But, he made me thing too much . So I cam ehome early. And, here I am. 

Now I'm going to bed. 


P.S. - Oh, and I scraped up my knee on the wa y to the car tonight :/

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This doenst look too good........ [15 Dec 2006|02:26am]

[ mood | content ]

So, I'm really not drunk.. but, I guess I am maybe slightly drunk.

Oopes.. I just realized that I backspaced ea minute ago.

I really have to go to the bathroo.m... but, theres' not toilet paper. I think we all thought that there woudl be enough to last us until we all went ohome for break, but, aparently that isnt the case. Maybe I can hold it until I have to work at 5..... maybe.

And, my horrible typing isnt just because I've had stuff to drink to night. ITs also cause i"nm not totally concentrating. 

I had two - scratsch that - three winecoolers bymyself while twatching Grey's Anatomy and The Benchwarmers here at the house, and then I went over to Dee's to watch Family Guy with Neil, Dee, and Isidro, and Isidor and I slplit a bottle of wine. That was fun times. Those guys ikilled 5.. no, 6 mice in 2 hours. Although, I was only there for the last two. And, Family Guy was hilarious. Prom Date called me, and I talked to her twice, but I hketppt - hah, kept having to hang up ion her cause I felt bad for talking while they were twatching tv. And, I thin k she/I weirded Neil out. 

This no backspacing rule really freakin sucks. Its funyny when I'm more drunk, but when I'm less than half drunk, its just freakin annoying.

After leafving their place( Dee had wanted me to dstay the night to cuddle, but I'd havfta wake up in 2 hours for work, and I'm too horny to just cuddle with him(), I went to McDonalds, and then came home. And, I really dont think that shoeveling all that grease down my throat relally mhelped my stomach any.

Okay - I just want to reiterate the fact that my horrible typicnng is not wholy based on the ammount of alcohol I've consumed tonight. So, yeah.

Anyways.. I'm gonna go lay down.. hopefully sleep (that wasy I get at least 2 hours fo sleep before having to work 25.. 5-8 thois morning. Shit, I just backespaced like 5 times. But, anwyas. Off to bed I go. 


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buzzzzzzzzzzzzed [15 Dec 2006|12:43am]

[ mood | buzzed ]

So, yes. I'm buzzed. And LJ has a new format.... it's.... different. Not bad, though, I definately remembered to post to drunkenposts the first time, as opposed to the fifth or sixth time.

Had some Jack and Diet Coke and watched (Sweet Home Alabama wuith Mone' and Quincy tonight. It's Sean's birthday. I talked to Prom Date osme, beut she had to hang up because th e guys were watching Family Guy. I'm slightly lonely, but I'll make it. This time tomorrow night, I'll be cuddle d up with my kitties and they'll amke any possible loinel. HAHA. loin. I meant "any possible LONLIENESS" gp . go away.

I think I'm actually crushless for the first time in a long tim.e I have a couple crushes that nothing would ever come out of - like Jared, the guy who works at the Meat center, but that's about it. Jason is no longer really a crush of mine (of course, I say that as his myspacep rofile song ends... but it's a good song!), and yeah. Oop,s I just backspaced. But Barrier is still hethere a bit and JuhBuhBuh is still there a bit... by the way, it'l definately be interesting to see how JuhBuhBuh and I interact over bereak... for those of you who don't know, he "broke up" with me... a while ago.


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lonely gal [06 Dec 2006|03:46am]

[ mood | drunk ]

sarah = drunk.
sarah = lonely/

sarah = wants to SLEEP (nt.. not necessarily sex) with sean.
or a male in general
but especially sean since he's close by.

hehe high.
i'm just drunkish though.

ad a good night, but wanted to drunk - DRINK. drank by myself. lillian's not even awayke. but i just realized it's 4:00sihish. but still. i sad about her not being awake. some form of company would be nice. i can't ... no, that's a lie. i was gonna say i can't go to bed, but i spose i'm about o to since no on'e's awake (i just backspaced - sorry).

really,..... i just want someone to hold me. tahas all.

g;night dearies.

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when the hours were ours [14 Nov 2006|02:37am]

So I totally just backspaced a lot. hp. oopths.

Tonight's buzz is due to my feelings of adorabtion for a certain boy. We'll call him. . . . . . .Jason. if you want the full story, please read my normal jourlnal. Althoug that doesn't tell teh whole story at all.

But yes, I cried off and on for about seven hours, ate a good amount of chocolate, and had two Jack and Diet Cokes, which have given me a nice buzz. It was even stronger about five minutes ago, but I went to the bathroom with Angie and that calmed it down some. But yes.

So he told Jessica to tell me that he jus t thingks of me as a riend. I wish he had told me hismself, but he's too nice - he didn't want to hurt me. And how can you be mad at someone who wants you to be mad at them rather than someone else yor yourself? You can't be. It's unpossible, to quote the kid from thre simpsons.

Luvckily, I dn't have to see "Ka. Let's try that again.

Luckily, I don't have to see "KJason " again until wednesday, but I'll be alone with him for about an hour which, at theis point, scares the shit out of me. I'll just have to work on getting over him in less than 48 hours.

But, I'm gonna post the lyrics of the song I'm lsistening to really quick, and then I'm gonna head to bed. I'm hoping the Jack and the ~7 hiurours. hours of crying will make me have a good sleep.

G'night m'dears.

Dale Watson
"I Wish I was Crazy Again"

You left me I left you
I went right out of my head
The old boy they all knew
They all knew was pretty much dead
You know they say I went crazy
And by crazy I mean mentally insane
I had a world where I still had you
Oh, I wish I was crazy again

Crazy again
Crazy in love
Ignorantly bliss, baby
That's what dreams are made of
There was no hurtin
I lived life without pain
You'd still be in my arms, baby
If I was crazy again

I guess what I miss is
The not missin you most
That feelin of oneness
That everyone of us should know
When the hours were ours
And I'd sit and talk into the wind
And your soul danced with my sould
Oh, I wish I was crazy again

Crazy again
Crazy in love
Ignorantly bliss, baby
That's what dreams are made of
There was no hurtin
I lived life without pain
You'd still be in my arms, baby
If I was crazy again

You'd still be in my arms baby
If I was crazy again
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par-twa [21 Oct 2006|02:12am]

[ mood | drunk ]

So I let Diana convince me to go drink with her tonight, and it was awesome.

First we went to Steve and Holy... Holly's house. They also live with Kenny, Steve's brother. He's weird , apparently. And they have two kittens (the male is Agat.. Agadro... f..crap... Agadorn Spartacus... the guy from thThe Birdcage.) adn a mini-schnauzer, Lexi, who is amazingly NOT huigh-striung.
Then we went to another apartnment. Kyle said it was a sausage fest. There were like, six guys and one girl... but... no, seven guys. But theree of them were outside , and we didn't associate with the people in side much. And they actaually cooked sausages, so it was literally a mini-sausage fest. haha. But they were amazing. I had jack and cdiet coke. diana ended up giving me the rest of her bottole of jack, whcih has less than the bottle that diana gav..... no no no... that bottle ha l... has less than the bottle LILLIAn gave me. so i MIGHT have half a bottle now. a. yay jacK!

i think i'm typing a lot worse than i should ebe,. but it's dark and i'm kinda tired (it was... I was tired ebefore i went out with her tnonight).

anyway... i like jason way more than i should, . actually... maybe not, but i really wish i could read him better.

and angie and i were having a great talk, but she had to call her boyfriend back, so i told her to i.d... i.m. me when she was done. hopefully she does before i want to go to bed.

lillian didnt pick up th e phone OR answer my text. no, i don't have a cell phone, but there's a place online where you can send text messages. it's awesome, although it kinda sucks that i have to be by a computer to talk to her... i gues that's better than nothing, though.

anyway. i hate guys. and i hate girls. because guys are stupid. and girls are stupid for likign the tstupid guys. i wish jason made more sense.

i smell like a bonfire because i was in the way of the smoke from the bbq put .. pit the sausages were cooked on. but they were definately worht it. i'd be a lot more drunk right now if it weren't for those... qwl.. well, THAT sausage rwrap. yay for not being too drunk!

it's sleepytime now... or it will be shortly. more people shoud (should) post in here. fo' shizzle.

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in stephenville [07 Oct 2006|03:29am]

i got drunk with my prom date and i am happy.

and that was with no baxckspacing.
dammit, i messed up.


and it took three po...people to type the sname... name of the song. yay barrier and means! ♥
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Sobe and Vodka rock my socks off. [01 Oct 2006|02:53am]

[ mood | drunk ]

So, Sarah wants me to post in here... but, I think I'm too drunk to sit here for long, so its' prolly gonna be short. (And , thankfully, i just rememberd the no backsapcing roule) haha - so i 'm not even trying to type correctly anymore :p

I just left FCrumpFest 2-00456 = hah 32006. Haha, hopefully you get the point. Anyways, its Fered's 21st pbirthday scepevrtation - hahaha Celebration. Twas a very small party, but wended up being fun anwyays. I think I had tabout a total of two vodka and sobe's.. (I brought three, but Sarah and Charli helped me finish off the last one or so. )

aND, Right now i'm really horny-ish.. and i want a guy.. but, more to cuddle with than anything else... although, i kneo that when i got o bed, my stumach will be csucky anyways... but, thats not the point. 
As if anyone understood that.

ASo.. I cant even make ssense of my thoughts, so I think its time fo r be.d Lukckuly (hah) I dont have to get up at any particular time tomorrow. I left my car at AJ"s, so i hafta get that sat some point, but other than that, there is no reason to get up. I'm not gonna read speach - no reason to pretend I will.. and I oendnt have to work unitl 2... am, that is. 

Oh, and Thomas called me Allison tongight.. it was kinda funny..and he didnt realize that he messed up for about 5 minutes. And i cant type worht shit.

So, again.. i'm gonna wuquit tryign and o go to bed. 

Hahaha - Nigheroo1!!!! (hah - everyotime it s a different spelling :P)

Hah, I know I'm gonna laugh and shake my head a thtis mormoroo. Haha, Exadctly. :p

hmmmm.. I really need a drunk icon for this.......

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managing not to backspace will be hard. [23 Sep 2006|02:12am]

[ mood | half-drunk ]

So, I am totally half drunk, and at work, with only an hour of sleep. Luckily I lslept through most of the day... didnt wake up until 2:45 this afternoon... Im issed my speech class, but I didnt really miss anything important ... well, at least nothing I cant get from Leith.

Sarah Zarate and I had an interesting hnight, though. We After band We went to Proctor (the closest c'wet' county) and got some alchol... well, I did, anyways... Two bottles of wine, oene bottle of vodka, and a 4-pakc of Jack Daniels wine coolers... plus a free bottle of crown for my birthday that i gave to sarah. We then went to eat dinner at the Cotton Patch, which is a homee-cookin resturant.

After that, I dropped her off and then went back home for a while.... then I picked her back up and we went over to Fred 's to watch the sedcond season of Grey's Anatomy.... both of us got drunk off of wine (me) and crown (her). We came home at 12:30-ish, and I went to bed about 12:50-ish.. knowing I had to be at work at 2. I had thought that I had to work form 2-5, and then from 8-2, but when I got to work, i found out I didnt have to be back until 8pm. Although, that means that I'll have to work until 2 am, and I wad really enjoying the thought of having the night off.. and I dotn work on Sunday, at all... but, I was thinking of asking heaven if she'd switch with me, casue she sworks the 2pm-8pm shift, and comes in after fme from 5am-8am...

Yeah... so, I'm totally not supposed to be eddurunk at all at work... (not that i think thats surprising to anyone)... but, its ironic to me... I'm sure it hapd to happen sometime.I guess it makes more sense that it happens when I'm actually 21... *Oh, for thsose who didnt know I turned 321 on the 11th of September!)

So, I definitely think i'm gonn end this entry here, before I make anymore funny workds.... hah. Anywho.. Nighter00! HAHA! There's a new one for you, Prom Date :p

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long time no see [01 Sep 2006|03:07am]

[ mood | drunk ]

i am fuuuuuuuuuucking drunk.

nt much activity here on drunkenposts -- i can't remember the lj code... bah! oh well. its time i came back.. and iwht a avencegene!

shit i backspaced.

anywho... i'm drinking jack daniels and still have lots more to go. i was drinking with my roommate lacey, and i'm gad i wasn't alone. weve been ... emoting to each other all night. a good confession session as well. stuff hat i wanted to tell her but needed a little help from good ol jack. hahaha.

things are no good with tanya. i love her and she loves me but this distance is rough. i'm glad shes coming this weekend because i need her more than need her more than i need air. we never used to fight, and now we do all the time. and i knwo thats typical of long distance relationships, but fuck. i need this to be over. the distance, no thte relationship. shes the best thing thats ever happeneed to me. only 2 more weeks amd i'll be living in georgia and back in her arms/

ok, NO MORE OF THIS drunkenness writing-ness.

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Because I'm High, Because I'm High, Because I'm Hiiigh [27 Jul 2006|03:05am]

[ mood | high ]

Okay... so I'm high again.... lets see if I can manage to do this wihtough backspacing... I sup[pose I need to actualy gconcentrate on what I'm rtrying to write... it makes so much more sense if I do...

Went out to Hill's with Prom Date.. listened to No Justice (who are a country/rock band from LOklahonama_)..  thought they weee pretty good. Ran into Selina and Natalie..

Went over to my cousin's afeter, but him and his girlfriend went to bed pretty earliy, so Sarah, Russ, Jared, Jeremy, and I ended up goin to Jare'd's house (his parent so are out of town) and got hight.... I watsnt gonna smoke aft first, bcause I can only stand to take shotguns, and only Jared does them rigntht (but he does them with Sarah, so he wont do them with me), but TuRuss actually offered to do it right for once.. so i think I took 3 or 4 hits.. Geeked pretty damn bad.. it was hilarious...

But, man.. I hate it when I get horny cause I'm drinkin or high, adn then I dont have a guy around who I can mess with... its sucks...

Anyayw.. Adam isnt writing back, so I think I'm gonna clear off my bed and go to sleep.. I guess I'm not goin into work tomorrow morning.... glad I finally decided. :p


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[18 Jul 2006|04:16am]

[ mood | drunk ]

i dunnnno how i found this place, lett alone how i manage ot get online and get ym passwards rigt, but yall seem funn. mmhmm. my no w ex fianceee' cheatin on m e and fuckin every guy she can come in sight w ithh is fine with me. Cause i say FUCK hER! SHES A FUCKING SLUTTY BITCH. fIGURES that th is relationship would have en dded just like evvry relationship I hve. She calllled me the oth er night after porbably fucking some guy and being drunk, but i hung up on her. You think that aftr a month of being bRooken yup with her that sh would understand i hate her guts and can think a shit less about her and have NO resppect fors her. no thank you. i aint the party type and i aint jumping in no bed with a woman unless its serious between us ////yeah, i dotn go jumping in bed with ever single girl that comes along and gets a rise outta me u/nlike that slut. And i donnt goand cll her cause i got yous y'all;;ll FUCK I hat this no backspaccin rule.i try not be mad. but is a bunch of shit when ya try to be your selvf and they jsut give ya the run around.it seems to be my story with girls. yall fucking use me and when your done draging me through hell its like whatever sucker. and then i try to just keep beign my self and ask a girl out to dinner...OHH Sure but i get the run around baout how shes always busy. as much as i would liek to be dating right now and am just getting the run around. i dont trust ya woman. bunch a lying cankniving pain in eht azes if you ask me right now. WHY SHOOUULLD I TURCST Y'ALL?!!!? y'alll want a goood guy butt when one is righht in front yall ya dump all ovvar himbreak his heart and tear him down till nothing is fukc ing left.thanks for nothing. no reall.y.

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for, like, the 4th time ever.... [13 Jul 2006|01:35am]

[ mood | high ]

I'm fuckin high. Not as ihigh as I was an hour ago... but still pretty fuckin high. 

Just though I;d let youknow.

p.s - the 'high' emoticon does so totally not represent how i feel ...

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I aint even drizzunk!!! [06 Jul 2006|03:32am]

[ mood | buzzin ]

Sup, yo! Oopes... I already backspaced... hah.. and I anint even that drunk!!! But mah prom date is drizzunl?l!! Lookit me beein all G n shit. Hah - i even though that 'bein' was bspelled 'beein' - taht twasnt even a typo!!!

I's had one 32 oz Smirnooff and a can and a hlaf of Peoposi with 4 shorts of vodka... haha, four shorts.. and I promise I'm only buzzin..

I wannna make out wiht someone.. but I dont wanna make out with Russ.. who was with Lena tonight.. that slut.. nor do I wanna make out with Ruben - well, noth the old ruben, anyways... and I dont wanna meake out with fred, cause aluthough he has a big dick, he cant kiss worth shit... Maybe I wanna make out with Adam... or Grimes.... but I dont really knOw. I think tits (haha!) time for someone new to come around....

its fuckin hot in here!!!!!! and I smell like an ashtray.... cuase they weresmokin in the house toniht.. Not my house of course. We were at my couisn's house, cuase my aiunts, my parents, an dmy sister adre in Victoria for an old friend of my mom's and aunt's funeral.. she mpassed away fo cancer.But, Sarah, Me, Jared, Lena, Russ, Alicia, and dD aweere gettin our drink on at my cousin's house tonight. It was good times.

Anywho.. I need to rturn down the AC, let my puppy in, and go change into my Pjs.....

and damn them boys for not being online/not answering my im's.... fuck them - ohhhh 0 Adam just got online................ but he's not talkin bakck :/

ugh. I have to work in teh morning :/.. I 've had the whole weeke off, and the one night I stay out real late, I gotta tget up the noext morning tfor work. Looks like I neded to end this anyways, cuase I've cquit trying to spell things write anyways.. haha. 

Yupper.s. I'm out, fool. NITEROO!!!!

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woo! [06 Jul 2006|01:04am]

[ mood | buzzin ]

i'm buzzed! yay! and all i've had is a 32 ounce smirnoff and some sips of jared's nasty f40. 40.f fo f40=forty+40. haha. anyway. we're at prom date's getting more alcohol and then it's back to the boys room...house. lillian's rooms is hot. but it's only one room. woo!

♥ to my rpprom date.

and i just backspaced because to writethe ♥, the semicolon has to be wright after. right. dammit. prom date's callin me and hjared's hiitton ofuck. hittin on me. this is the life!@

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[24 May 2006|11:19pm]

I'm ahppy I'm not a part of too many communities or this would be a very very hard task indeed. I will be on a cruise in a couple of days and decided to pre-celebrate by drinking some 151 oroff psiced roum. dammit this no backspaceing. alright...thoughts.
So, I remember my first boyfriend always hated my last name because i t is such a bizarre name. I like to think that it was after the street Ernest Hemingway livied on - Whitehead St in Key West... alas I will never know. I read in psychology who I mean how when one is drunk they tend to remember previous drunken experiences more cleaerly (aka - if you 'jhid' something when drunk you remember where it is only when you're drunk in the future). I hvae all these memories of past cruises and how it was just crazy and hope to have the sam crazy times again. Oh euphoria....

I swear to god it's been a couple of hours straight of the fucking enws covering the stupid maverisck game. and alwso, the MAJOR wtf og the night - Prince performing on American Idol *I was forced to watch it by my mom tonight. So incredibly lame. talk about large-scale karaoke.... bad karaoke. I hate American Idol. Prince needs to go straight to hell that sell out.
Oh spiced rum... I love youuuuuuu.
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"fuck you you hoe, I dont want you back" [19 May 2006|12:01am]

[ mood | drunk ]

I find it so awesome when I remember to post in here without my Prom Date's prodding.

So, I'm drunk. I'm on my 5th glass of wine. Although I starte d eatin g ruffles and french onion dip, so i;m starting to sopber up a ibit. (I also love it wehn I remember the no-backspacing rule

I really love this song.

Y'know.. its really sad when a guy is more of a chicken shit than I am... seriously. (Prom Date know s what I'm tlaking about)

I'm really glad I wodont have to work in the morning..

I'm horny. And all the guys I want are in Stephenville... or, not in Austin, anyways. Tis sad.

Alrighty. Just wanted to say I was drunk. And I did that.... So I guess I'm out.


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[12 May 2006|01:38am]

[ mood | high ]


So, I'm high.. Really high, for the second time in my life.

I'm surprised I'm not buzzed. Had a sprite & vodka and two glasses of wine before I got high.

I'm talkin to Adam and Cody.. well, really, Cody is talking to me. And Adam said that he just now got a text I sent him an hour and 20 minutes ago.

Bein high makes me zone. And I dont remember things that happened more that 20 minutes ago very well. And its makin my eyes dry out. And can make me very dizzy at times.

I'm glad that Prom Date and Jared finally took me home. That pavement was cold, and I'm getting tired (and no, I was not falling asleep at any time tonight, Sarah!).

Anyways. I think I'm gonna end the convo with Adam shortly. Oh, and Cody too. Cause I hafta get up at 7, and be in Circle C by 8:30. Plus I'm gettin dizzy again.


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